Your New career?

could you be our next branch owner?

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Our branch owners come from all walks of life and range in age from 21 - 64. Some have come from the education sector and are looking for a career which allows them to focus on the fun side of learning rather than hitting targets. Others have chosen Fun Science straight out of university as an alternative to getting a ‘real job’! Still others have taken on Fun Science as a complete career change, coming from industries such as construction and drama.

Who are we looking for?

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To be our next branch owner you will need to be enthusiastic, passionate about working with children and not scared to have some fun! An interest in science is desirable but we do not ask for any formal scientific qualifications as your manuals and training will cover this extensively and you will gain great satisfaction from learning as you teach.

The best thing about a Fun Science franchise is that you do not need business expertise or experience. We will guide you through setting up your business, securing customers, legal obligations, taking on staff, on-going marketing and all other aspects of running your business. You also don’t need to be particularly technically minded as we take care of maintaining your online precence and set you up with a very easy to use booking system.

what checks are done on new branch owners?

It is important that all our branches live up to our high standard and this enables us to keep our accreditation with the AFA so we do select our branch owners carefully. Before offering you a Fun Science franchise we will either meet with you or talk on the phone to assess your suitability. We will also ask for at least 2 references and you will be required to undertake a DBS check.

Can i contact existing branch owners before going ahead with the franchise?

Of course! We don’t require our branch owners to respond to enquiries from prospective franchisees but most of them are keen to share how much they love being a Fun Science branch owner and to keep the family growing! You can find contact details for all our branch owners on our website. Click here to visit this site.

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What would be your ideal yearly salary? Have a think about the amount needed to cover your essential costs and to maintain your lifestyle. We can then let you know if this is a suitable business for you and which services you would need to run to achieve this goal.
Please let us know how many hours you would like to work each week and if there are any days/hours you would like to work or not work. For example would you like to work term time only? Are you going to be fitting the business around an existing job? Do you have family commitments? We will use this information to help us identify what an average working week would look like for you and to help you achieve your financial goals.