Success Stories

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Super Sonic Sue

Sue was working for Telford college before she joined us but decided to make the change to have a more flexible job and be able to spend more time with her 8 year old daughter. Sue started Fun Science Shropshire in August 2018 and ran her first party the week after her launch event and her first holiday club in October 2018. Four months later, Sue runs clubs in 3 schools as well as parties, holiday clubs and workshops in Telford, Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. Sue says her favourite thing about running her branch is “the flexibility that it gives, and the buzz I get from every party, assembly and club that I run. It is a rewarding and refreshing career change"


Molecular Marty

Martin was working as head of science in a secondary school before making the decision to start up his own Fun Science branch. The main reason behind this change was to seize the opportunity to be his own boss in a business that was still educational whilst being fun and entertaining - 'Edutaining'. Martin started Fun Science Cheshire in June 2015 and as of January 2019 he runs clubs in 18 schools on a rotation basis with more schools currently on his waiting list as well as parties and workshops in Cheshire and surrounding areas. Martin fits running his branch around his 4 children who are now aged 12, 10, and 8 and 7. Martin's favourite thing about running his branch is everyday is full-on, fun and flexible and fabulous feedback from parents, school staff, other adults and most importantly the children enriched by the Fun Science session!

Super Sonic Sue.jpg

Magnetic Milla

Camilla joined us in October 2016 and started up Fun Science Sheffield. At the time, Camilla was running the business part time around completing a PHD in palaeoglaciology (reconstructing glaciers from the last Ice Age). It didn't take long for Camilla to get her first school workshop bookings and within 6 months her first holiday club was fully booked with a waiting list. In fact, the Fun Science Sheffield holiday club continues to be very popular and is often fully booked with many children attending regularly.

2 years later, Camilla now has seven staff and runs clubs in several local schools as well as parties, holiday clubs and workshops. Camilla's favourite things about running her branch are messy experiments and getting children excited about science!" Camilla has now finished her PHD and is officially Dr Magnetic Milla! She now runs her branch full time.


Wacky Jacky (Owner of Fun Science West Lancs and Fun Science Bury/Rochdale)

“Getting a Fun Science franchise is the best thing I ever did. I'd recommend them wholeheartedly whether you are looking for a party or a new business!!!”

Kinetic Kate.png

Kinetic Kate (Owner of Fun Science Dorset)

“The excitement of the birthday parties and sharing experiments with a large group of children is great. I really enjoy visiting schools and working with them to build on the science topics pupils have been learning about in the classroom. Plus I love the challenge of creating workshops to answer the different questions and interests of my home educated groups”

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