International franchise opportunities


We currently have one branch running in Killeen, Texas, USA and one in Geneva, Switzerland as well as our 10 branches in the UK. It is our aim to have branches across the world and we have both basic territories and master licenses available. To help us achieve our aim of inspiring children across the world, we are offering discounted start-up rates to the first new branch in a non-UK country that does not already have a branch of Fun Science.


International Investment and earnings

Fun Science franchises offer a low investment opportunity to run your own business. Prices start from $8000 for franchises in the USA and €6000 for franchises in mainland Europe. Prices do vary a little depending on location. There are no hidden costs, we do not take a percentage of your turnover and you do not have to purchase equipment and materials through us enabling you to keep costs low.

Your start up fee covers

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Your own exclusive area (size varies from country to country)

Your own SEO optimised website with your country’s webcode (e.g. .ch, etc.), translated into 1 language of your choice and with changes made to suit the local culture e.g. Elementary school in America vs Primary school in England

Your own Fun Science email address with your country web code

Full uniform including polo shirts and lab coat

500 leaflets, 500 business cards, 250 schools brochures translated into 1 language of your choice

Social media accounts set up and initial posts and advertising to increase followers

Help and support responding to initial emails and bookings

A launch event in your area in your country with banners and balloons

A full day of 1:1 training in your choice of location in your country

your monthly maintenance fee covers


Ongoing help and support at every step of your business journey including employing staff, dealing with incidents, business expansion etc.

Access to over 1000 downloadable documents including lesson plans, photos, videos, sample adverts, risk assessments, contracts, procedures for dealing with non-payment etc.

Access to our branch owners’ Facebook group for you to share ideas with other Fun Science branch owners.

Use of our simple online booking system

Ongoing premium online marketing


A Fun Science franchise gives you the flexibility to work as little or as much as you would like. You will be provided with all the resources and training to run birthday parties, workshops, holiday clubs and after school clubs. However, if you choose to focus on one service or to miss out one service all together, you can still earn a full time wage working part time hours.

For example, a parent may choose to run more holiday clubs so that they can take their children with them or more in-school workshops and home education groups so that they are home when their children start and finish school each day. It’s completely up to you!

Costs do vary slightly according to the location of the event but we have included rough profits for each of our services below. These are based on our UK prices. In some countries you may wish to increase or reduce your prices to suit the local market and you are given the flexibility to do this.

Crazy Chemical Celebration Party (45 minutes) - $97.60

Sweets and Surprises Party (45 minutes) - $126.40

Fantastic Physics Party (60 minutes) - $152.63

Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza Party (70 minutes) -$174.90

Complete Package Party (100 minutes)- $236.47

After school club (5 x 60 minute sessions) - $677.98

Workshop (60 minutes) - $163.11

Fun Day (Block of 5 x 5 hour days) - $2849.00

If you decided to work part time and run 2 after school clubs per half term, 2 birthday parties per week and 6 groups of fun days per year you could earn a yearly average of $41,747 before overheads (insurance, office costs and any additional marketing you choose to do)


I’ve not been pushing the marketing because I’m pretty busy with my PhD at the moment, so I am aiming to slowly ramp things up as I have more time available. Despite having done limited marketing so far, I’ve still got two after schools clubs in Jan/ Feb, both of which are fully booked, and four parties during this time period. I expect these to bring in around £1700 ($2227.17) from mid Jan to mid Feb, before tax and business expenses. In March I have five science week workshops, with another school currently thinking about booking. I’ve also got a further seven workshops booked in for June. – Magnetic Milla, Fun Science Sheffield - 1 month after launching

For more information on earnings please email us at or call 07708 214840.


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